Sunday, 7 September 2014

Contact to learn

Qari Hafiz Abul Majid Naeem +923007909769 


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    1. Thanx for reading my blog .
      Plz send me ur skype ID and cell nmbr .

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  3. I am finding Shia Quran Learning in USA. So I found your blog are you offering Shia Quran classes online ?

  4. One needs to examine Learn Shia Quran with Tajweed
    this as showed by Ibn Kathir who made an eminent publication out of the Quran back in the thirteenth century is to "present the Quran bit by bit,

  5. QURAN READING WITH TAJWEED The very important step is to learn how to read the HolyLearn Shia Quran with Tajweed rules, this course will be taught in two stages: • Tamheed-ul-Quran: In this first stage students will be taught how to pronounce the Arabic letters, from their specific places as are in rabic ..